Our Story

Bamboo Digital is a growth hacking agency that focuses on transforming Shopify Plus Stores into engaging web apps.

Our main focus is to deliver growth and provide direction and insight for our clients.

We are located in Tempe, Arizona. Our team has a diverse group of online store enthusiasts. Our experience of growing up in a world of Amazon and online sales gave us a foundation for Online User Experience.

In 2015, we started working on Shopify Stores, focusing on the development side. Our goal was to understand the platform. Part 2 of our goal was working on the Shopify Platform and Community with the developers who performed marketing tactics.

In 2016, we realized everything we enjoyed doing were features for Shopify Plus. We switched gears and focused on services and products tailored to Shopify Plus Merchants.

These merchants had access to abilities at the time such as:

  • Shopify Scripts - run code to managed promotions and discounts. ( BOGO Campaigns, Flash Sales, Tiered Pricing, Spend X Get Y, running discount code campaigns with Shopify Scripts abilities, etc )
  • Checkout Optimization - features that are now standard ( Google Autocomplete ), features that were custom ( Redesign, Tailored Messaging, Expected Delivery Date, Organized Shipping Page with 10+ Shipping Options, Contact Information Cache, Upselling / Downselling at Checkout )
  • Shopify Flow - upload settings or manually set up settings to run automated tasks ( ranging from tagging, alerting, triggering tasks )
  • Shopify Wholesale - manage B2B customers with select pricing
  • Shopify Launchpad - launch + end campaigns, themes, and Shopify Scripts

We focused on the above tasks to start relationships with Shopify Plus customer.

After engaging in small to medium-sized jobs, we discovered which services provided the best value to our clients.

The services we found to give the best value:

  • Growth Hacking Sprints
  • Google + FB Ads Management
  • Storytelling
  • Promotions
  • User Experience Optimization
  • Development / Design
  • Website Speed Optimizations
  • CSS Animations and Tune-ups



Blake - The Visionary

One could call him the Founding Father of Bamboo Digital. He’s the point man, leading the charge to help Shopify Merchants and the Bamboo team win at business and enjoy life more - that’s the focus of the culture he created.


Jordan - The Analyst

Not afraid of a challenge, Jordan takes on many opportunities for growth. His detail-oriented, calculative approach creates massive returns on investment of his time. The insights he generates drive the Bamboo Digital engine.


Kevin - The Heart

An empathetic, collaborative environment exists because of Kevin. His finger rests on the pulse of the team and Bamboo Digital clients, keeping us all connected. The values of Bamboo Digital shine bright through his efforts.


Johnny - The Voice

Calming, encouraging, understanding… even soothing. Johnny’s voice is the one in your ear in Bamboo audio content. You should listen to that content. His writing voice helps the team communicate better with the world. He also wrote this page.


WHY Bamboo?


 A Unique Service

Bamboo Digital wanted to provide a service in a unique way, so we decided to focus on ROI for clients. A lot of agencies ignore ROI in their services. That’s part of what sets Bamboo Digital apart in a sea of agencies.


Trust the Process

Process is the most important thing for Bamboo Digital’s success. It’s also the primary focus in helping our clients succeed. To achieve success, we believe in creating a process to track data and make the necessary adjustments to improve.


Double Check System

We always double check. It’s something so simple, but often overlooked. We double check our work because we know the first draft isn’t perfect. Errors get caught before they get pushed in a double check system. This matters even more when small errors cost thousands and big errors devastate businesses.


Content is Key

Bamboo Digital wants to provide solutions. Part of those solutions can be delivered with content. We create content to answer questions you may have or solve pain points in running your Shopify business. We’re developing new content to keep you primed for success. See what we’ve already created on our blog ( link) and podcast ( link).