Shopify Scripts Generator

Believe it or not Shopify Scripts had paved almost all the success Bamboo Digital had in 2017. We loved everything about it, we saw the simple promotions, the complex promotions, the story driven promotions.

Our dream was to find a way to show each store how to run their first Shopify Script Successfully.

We remember the gold rush of script jobs and charging a hefty price. We did everything we could to make the experience fun for clients. 

5 Things We Focused On:

  1. Go through the expected customer journey during the promotion with the client. Help them visualize how their promotion kept true to their company mission.
  2. Identify potential pitfalls and user experience frustrations along their expected customer journey.
  3. Determine if there is any UI or front end design to add to the website to help guide and nudge the customer to go through the expected customer journey
  4. Develop Shopify Scripts in Ruby Editor and test.
  5. Design and Develop Front End UI on Shopify Plus Stores to help guide the user to what we covered in Step #1

We thought of different ways to achieve this before we started to bog ourselves with project work.

We tried to coordinate the 1st Shopify Plus Scripts Webinar. We had conversations with Shopify and for one reason or another we abandoned the project.

As a New Years Goal from 2016 we had to build #1 App for Shopify Plus Stores. We were no where close to that goal until December rolled around.

Within 2 weeks we have our current prototype that can do any amazing amount of Shopify Scripts, you've ended up spending over $500 for.

Here is how it works:

  1. Choose Your Campaign - choose between flash sales, bogo, repeat customers, etc.
  2. Customize Campaign - tweak your campaign to apply to the desired products
  3. Copy Code - press a button and copy all the code into the Scripts Editor App.

At this moment, we are taking our first 20 beta customers. We would love for you to sign up and contact you as soon as we can. This application is FREE and will be for quite some time.


Here is what it can do:

  • Sitewide Promotions
  • BOGO Promotions
  • Item Discount Campaigns
  • Repeat Customer Promotions

During this process we will be gaining feedback for different types of promotions clients want to run and integrate them to our library.

Our goal is to have a finished product for every Shopify Plus Store. We want this app to be another reason you stay as a Shopify Plus member.