5 Insightful Questions for Google Analytics Intelligence

The Marketing Assistant You Always Wanted For Shopify

As a Shopify Store Owner, you're looking for answers to some pretty important questions to understand your business better. While you are hunting for your next top marketing consultant, try talking to Google Analytics itself. Google Analytics Intelligence is able to to answer many of the questions you need to run a successful marketing campaign, answer questions on the top sold products, conversation rates, marketing campaigns, and more using the power of machine learning. Just ask Google Analytics to get start getting valuable information, today.

In a few short steps, this article outlines how to navigate and use Google Analytics Intelligence and well also provide a list of our favorite things to ask Google Analytics Intelligence.

How to Navigate to Google Analytics Intelligence for Shopify

  1. Go to https://www.google.com/analytics
  2. Sign in or create an account
  4. Select INTELLIGENCE toward the upper right hand corner of the screen
  5. Type or ask a question

Our Top 5 Favorite Questions to ask Google Analytics Intelligence for Shopify Plus Stores

  1. Top 5 Products by Revenue
  2. Top 5 Cities by Revenue
  3. Age Group by Revenue
  4. Unique New Users by Week
  5. Trend of Pageviews Last Month

Top 5 Products by Revenue - What are our best sellers?

A good rule to be aware of is called the 80/20 rule. The rule basically states, 20% of your products produce 80% of your revenue. However, most often 5 Products won't cover 80% of your total revenue, but they will help aid you in your marketing choices moving forward. An example could be when launching new types of Google Adwords Campaigns (ex. Google Shopping, Showcase Ads, Product Listing Ads) these top products are what you should focus on first as the demand has already begun to generate for them. Another example is if you are one of the many Shopify Plus Stores opening Amazon Stores and are looking to test the waters with a few products. These top 5 products should be first in line to upload and focus on getting sales.

Top 5 Cities by Revenue - Where are most of our customers located?

It may be shocking to discover which areas you are dominating today. Focusing marketing efforts in those cities that have already shown a healthy revenue stream may already be apart of your strategy. When working with Barbell Apparel to launch a Top of Mind Campaign around gyms in popular cities, we had many areas to choose from. By leveraging, Google Analytics Intelligence, we quick narrowed down the cities that would be most effective for our campaign launch. The ability to make an informed decision quickly help us shine to one our favorite clients.

Age Group by Revenue - How old are our customers generating most of the revenue?

If finding out the age range that spends the most is importing to both your messaging and ad spend, this question is a no brainer. Targeting ad dollars on the age group that spends the most as a group will help improve those returns. The overlooking value of this information is how does it affect your messaging and who your target customer really is. How you would explain your product to a female in their early 20's is different than a woman in their 30's with a mortgage and kids. It's a good idea to find out which demographic values your products with their dollars today.

Unique New Users by Week - How fast are we growing?

At Bamboo Digital, we focus on Growth Hacking. The Lean Marketing Funnel is a fundamental part of what we look at for Acquisition Growth. How many new users week by week is an important metric to look at how well the company is at bringing in new users through various channels. The goal should be to find ways to bring more and more new users than the week before through social, refer, ads, and organic. It has never too late to see how effective your marketing efforts have been at getting new users to your site. Once you have those numbers, you now can set goals to beat those weekly numbers a weekly rate.

Trend of Pageviews Last Month - How engaged are users on our website?

Engagement can be an overlooked statistic. We look at pageviews as a way to measure ease of navigation. The easier it is to navigate, the more pages the user will visit on avg. These numbers will begin to reveal questions why engaging is increasing or decreasing.

What Kinds of Questions Do You Have for GA Intelligence?

These are a few of our favorite questions to ask GA Intelligence. Whether it is you, your marketing expert, or other internal teammates, GA Intelligence can become a powerful tool when the right questions are asked. We'd like to know what questions you've asked google and what kind of questions you wanted to know to ask for your situation.

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